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Crack-A-Mack with 1kg Nut in Shell

The durable Crack-A-Mac makes it easy to crack open our premium macadamias.

The Crack-A-Mac makes it easy to crack open our premium macadamias. Cracking nuts in the shell is fun and this cracker is affordable, easy to use, compact and mess free – keeping the shell contained within the cracker. The Crack-A-Mac macadamia nut cracker is a great addition to any kitchen and makes an ideal gift for the nut lover or with your next order of 1kg nut in shell bags.

The macadamia nut is known as the hardest nut in the world, and inside is pure deliciousness. By cracking the macadamia straight from the shell you’re eating the macadamia at its best and ensuring you have the freshest experience. The Crack-A-Mac is 100% Australian made and hand assembled right here in sunny Queensland.

Your Crack-A-Mac will come with either the Kangaroo handle (depicted) or Koala handle.

Sale price$26.99

Crack-A-Mack with 1kg Nut in Shell
Crack-A-Mack with 1kg Nut in Shell Sale price$26.99


Contains a high amount of antioxidants to help you fight damaged cells and free radicals in your body


Contains Omega 7 and Omega 3, helping you manage and reduce cholestoral and feel fuller for longer


Contains the antioxidant, manganese, and palmitoleic acid helping your skin produce collagen and keeping your skin plump and glowing


Contains dietary fibre and a prebiotic fibre that stimulates all the healthy bacteria in your gut, and helps produce the ‘happy hormone’ serotonin


Contains phytosterols and the amino acid, arginine, helping your body to absorb the ‘good’ cholesterol, reducing blood pressure


Contains a powerful combination of copper, magnesium and manganese, aiding your healthy neurotransmitters and improving your brain function and mental health


You only need 30g a day to boost your heath and mental wellbeing

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Australian Made and Owned

Family owned & Operated

Sutainable Farmed

Since 1958

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