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Our Story

Like us, you’re here thanks to Ron and Marion, our Dad and Mum, our founders and our inspiration who literally built Macadamias Australia from the ground up. With a small plot of uncleared land, a huge amount of effort, never ending faith and a life long commitment to each other and our family, they taught us to care for the environment, each other and every life we touch.

We’re proud to have been taught their values and be entrusted to build upon their legacy. We turn up every day to continue their incredible work looking after our trees, our products, our team, our community, our customers and the planet. And caring for the next generation (our kids), who are now working beside us in the family business, just as we did, and just as we hope their kids will and the many more generations to come.

Macadamias Australia respectfully acknowledges the Taribelang Bunda, Gooreng Gooreng, Gurang and Bailai People as the traditional owners of the land upon which Macadamias Australia stands.


The Macadamias Australia legacy was founded in 1958 by Ron and Marion Steinhardt, the first generation of our family to cultivate and care for what was then a small patch of land here in beautiful Bundaberg. Today our family’s second and third generations continue to run the family business.

Our farm has come a long way from that single unimproved parcel of land that Ron and Marion nurtured to grow peanuts, corn, sugar cane and a variety of vegetables.
In 1980, under the name Steinhardt Family Farms, they moved into large scale production of tomatoes and zucchinis and began supplying major supermarket chains throughout Australia and New Zealand. In 2004 we planted macadamias, and in 2020 construction was completed for a state-of-the-art value add processing plant, incorporating a tourism centre and café. As a result, Macadamias Australia became a fully vertically-integrated family business.

Packed full of flavour and endless health benefits, our wide variety of nut products are enjoyed in homes around the globe and used by some of the world’s largest food companies. After more than 60 years caring for the land and successfully growing, processing and value-adding nuts, we’re incredibly proud that our family values and quality products are held in equally high regard and that we’re acknowledged as an innovative industry leader.

Our Family

A deep commitment to family and the land is the legacy our parents handed down to us, in essence, to be true custodians.

To help pay for their first parcel of farm land to be cleared, Dad continued his arduous work at the sawmill in nearby Maryborough. With family help, they planted peanuts and lived in a small shed awning, with three walls and an open front. Dad had an old wood stove to keep warm and cook food, and slept on a mattress made from corn stalks.

Since our humble beginnings in November of 1958, our family business has endured some tough times, exciting diversification and plenty of good times. Our family business continues to grow into something our parents could not have ever dreamt possible for themselves. Our dear mum Marion always said “A family that prays together stays together”.

That is certainly true for us. Our second and third generation family work side by side on the family farm – parents and children together, just as it’s always been. Together we ensure that the values our parents instilled in us remain at the heart of every business decision we make.

Our vision is to build a sustainable future for all.

Together we look forward to carrying on our family values of caring and conscious farming and sharing our sustainably grown premium, single origin macadamias with locals, guests and customers all around the world. As our dear dad Ron so eloquently wrote: “…it all starts with what Marion would say: have an attitude of gratitude! Each day of our lives we took every opportunity to consolidate, be thankful, to plan and not be frightened of getting our hands dirty. Have a thankful heart, life is not meant to be easy but we must acknowledge how blessed we are to have been born to good parents and have such a wonderful extended family of children, in-laws, grandchildren and friends.” – Ron Steinhardt, A Journey Through Life (2014 memoir).


Bundaberg, in Queensland’s Wide Bay Burnett region, has long been regarded as one of the country’s premiere food bowls. About 70 per cent of land in the region is occupied by agriculture, providing a beautiful patchwork quilt-like view from the air. Our home region produces 30 different fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and spices, and is responsible for 25% of Australia’s fresh produce. Culinary delights are grown, caught, brewed and distilled in Bundaberg year-round.


Crunchy, creamy and delicious; macadamia nuts are also incredibly healthy. Studies have shown that including low GI (glycemic index) nuts like macadamias in a healthy kilojoule-controlled eating plan, combined with regular moderate exercise, can actually help with weight loss by curbing your appetite.

Good Fats
Nuts contain good unsaturated fats and don’t increase blood glucose and insulin levels that cause hunger. The macadamia is one of very few plants to include Omega 7, a monounsaturated fatty acid. These healthy oils, combined with fibre and small amounts of plant sterols, help maintain good cholesterol levels, healthy blood vessels and optimal blood supply throughout the whole body, including the brain.

They also contain Omega 3 – an essential fatty acid with a wide range of health benefits, including lowering your risk of cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, and migraine headaches.

High in Antioxidants
Macadamias have the Heart Foundation’s (Australia) coveted Tick of Approval. Antioxidants are part of your body’s natural defence system and they work by de-activating potentially harmful substances, called free radicals, that damage cells and are thought to contribute to the development of chronic disease.

Digestive Health
Macadamia nuts are also an easy solution to boosting your digestive health and keeping you regular. Macadamias contain about 2g of fibre per 30g serve, which is similar to a slice of wholemeal bread.

Vitamins and Minerals
Macadamias like other plant foods contain a wide range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Just a handful (30g) of raw, unsalted macadamias (15 whole or 30 halves) provides you with:
8% of your daily thiamine (vitamin B1), an important vitamin for releasing the energy from food, and necessary for normal functioning of the heart and nervous system.
31% of your daily manganese, a trace element important for antioxidant defences, bone health and normal metabolism.
9% of your daily magnesium for electrolyte balance, nerve and muscle function and bone strength.
4.5% of your daily iron for healthy blood and energy levels
12% of your daily niacin for a healthy nervous system, releasing energy from food and good skin structure and function
12% of your daily copper for antioxidant protection, immune system function and healthy- looking skin and hair.
906 kilojoules
22.2 grams fat total
60mg of Omega 3 as ALA
1.4 grams carbohydrates
1.9 grams of dietary fibre

Macadamias are packed with essential nutrients – you can read more in the table below.

Enjoy macadamias, knowing that every handful is doing you good!

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