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Janelle Gerry is the passionate Managing Director of Macadamias Australia and the driving force behind the brand. As the second generation of the Steinhardt family, she continues the legacy of her parents, Ron and Marion Steinhardt, who founded the family business in 1958.

Janelle's deep connection to the land and her commitment to sustainable practices guide her work every day. Janelle's vision and dedication ensure her family's and company's values remain at the heart of every decision, fostering growth and sustainability for generations to come. As a mother of 2, and now a grandmother, Janelle has a wealth of knowledge to share with the world.

We invite you to grab a cuppa (and some Macas) and enjoy the read.

Sharing The Joy Of Sienna's Visits

Sharing The Joy Of Sienna's Visits

These moments with Sienna remind me of the importance of family and the bond we share through Macadamias Australia. They ground me and bring me immense happiness, making every day at work a special...

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